Frequently asked questions

What Kind of Talent Are We Looking For?

We are looking forActor's, Actressess, Desiger's, Dancer's, Artist in the areas of ameauture to professional. Model's must be bookable in the area's of acting and/or modeling for consideration. FASHION AGENCY READY MODELS are the following stats: Min height: 5''8" (barefoot) (may use exceptional 5'7) Bust 33-35" Waist 25-27" Low hips 35-37" Will consider dress sizes 6 - 8 See Measurement chart for size assistance

Do I Have to Pay?

Yes you do. Selah Exist beacuase someone needs to be honest. The talenet indusrty can be a very expensive dream to pursue. The reality, is coasal agents are throwing money at new models scouted in a check out line at the grocery store anymore. Everything cost. If you happen to be the rare exception, hands down you will need to be at least 5'9 and a size 0-2 (and maintain it to the inch). ....And even if they give you a contract, photo shoots, model's apartment etc, you will be expected to pay back EVERY CENT or else....So if you arent booking at a high enough rate fast enough to return those "free favors" you are out. This topic has been taboo for some time and it is just now available for viewing by brave former models who have began documentign the truth of the industry. You best option is to start with a local agency, get your developement through them so you are ready for the big dogs and can avoid the higher rates.

Is an Agency Legit if They Charge Classes?

Not really but is legal in some states however, In many other states this is frowned upon. With Selah our Talent agency is not responsible for our training our SMC Consultling Agency is. Our fashion show productions are created and executed by our very own talent within our very own production company, Selah Productions, Inc. We have company's trying to immulate our methods, but they give us all a bad rep when they do not seperate the training from the developement.

I Saw on Youtube that I Don't Need Expo to Be Scouted, I Can Submit Myself to an Agent is This True?

Selah doesnt just wait to submit agency talent to expo, we have direct relationships with agents all over the world who trust our scouting and development methods. We prefere to wait until epo, because by the time we get you fully developed, you cn have several call backs versus one or two, and the expo is fighting over you with a better contract offer once they see they have competition. But to answer the question directly.....Of course this is true. It may not be the wiser route, but you can give it a go! The reason why Selah chooses to attend expo's is because of the invaluable networking,an close up and personal agent meetings our talent aquire when they visit an expo. Sure we can have everyone get hundreds of dollars together for submission tools, then thousands of dollar's to spend in hotel, transportation, food, and hotel fee's for a two day trip to New York to see 2 to 4 agents that after waiting 4 hours or so to be most likely rejected and late for their other 3 agent meetings with automatic rejections based on no show and/or poor walk/presentation. OR... we can spend a third of that investment to groom our talent into paudition preparation and meeting 50 plus agents not only from New York but all over the world who have a relationship with the Expo so they are more inspired when you have the chance to show them more than your catwalk over a 1 week intimate casting experience. The choice is always yours!

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